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Well-Being by Esthederm

Originating from professional beauty care, and inspired by life and the sun,  Esthederm is a brand like no other. The company was founded by French pharmacist and biologist Jean-Noël Thorel who specialises in cellular technologies and has conducted a wealth of research into biology and the ecology of skin.  In the 1970s, the sun-loving researcher devised an innovative and groundbreaking approach to sun products based on optimised tanning and natural skin protection and effective protection against photo ageing. He then developed patents and technologies that reinforced the effectiveness of all skincare, body care or sun protection products and laid the foundations of the Esthederm philosophy: advances in beauty care through biology. 

Today, the efficacy of the brand’s products has earned the trust and respect of beauty professionals all over the world and the trust and loyalty of users.


Enhance your tan before, during and after exposure to the sun while at the same time keeping your skin young-looking.


55min – 85€

A tan-boosting treatment to prepare the skin for the sun.



55min – 85€

Soothing after-sun treatment to prolong and enhance your tan.


Osmoclean douceur essentiel

25min – 60€

Cleansing Esthederm treatment. Skin is oxygenated and energized and the complexion clear and fawless.  Tis unique Institut Esthederm cleansing treatment respects the ecosystem  of the skin.


L’équilibre Hydra

45min – 85€

Intensive moisturising. Restores the moisture content of skin, increasing its essential source of youth. Instant plumping efect.


L’équilibre pureté

45min – 85€

Purifying and Matifying. Treats blemishes, mattifes and tightens the pores. Leaves the skin looking fawless and radiant.

Excellence jeunesse active-repair 

85min – 155€

Anti-wrinkle, instant glow, detox. Targeted treatment to detoxify and drain, eliminate toxins, infuse the skin with oxygen and smoothe out wrinkles.


Grand soin jeunesse global 

85min – 165€

Revitalizing, balancing treatment. This moment of absolute indulgence and wellbeing also offers unparalleled benefits for the skin. A stomach massage soothes tension and restores energy flows and total harmony.


Body essentiel gommage

25 min – 60€

An exfoliation that is 100% relaxing. The ultimate treatment for soft, youthful skin and the perfect way to prepare your body for the benefits of Institute ESTHEDERM body treatments.

Jeunesse du corps

55min – 85€

This relaxing and comprehensive forming treatment tones and reshapes the silhouette.


Aromatic Tailor-Made Massage

25 min – 60€                 

50 min – 110€                 

80 min – 160€

A massage adapted to your individual needs, with your choice of essentials oils for a moment of total relaxation.


“Deep Tissue” Massage

25 min – 60€                

50 min – 110€                  

80 min – 160€

This slow and firm massage targets deep muscle tissue, releasing knots and tension and stimulating the elimination of toxins.


Swedish Massage

25 min – 60€           

50 min – 110€      

80 min – 160€

This excellent anti-stress massage helps restore a feeling of harmony. It helps release stress while restoring your energy levels.

Chakra-energetic hot stone massage

75 min – 150€                       

Te soft warmth of volcanic stones, the energising power of crystals and  an enveloping massage technique relax the body and mind to procure deep and lasting wellbeing. 


Energetic-Thai Foot Reflexologie               

70 min – 140€                                                       

Stimulation of reflex points of your feet to soothe and relax..


Detoxifying and remineralizing treatment

85 min – 160€

This complete body treatment combines a remineralizing 3-salt scrub with essential oils, an algae body wrap and a 25-minute massage.


Remineralizing 3-salt scrub with essential oils

25 min - 60€


Suitable from 7- to 15-year-old

My First Facial                                    

25 min - 30€


Back and Leg Massage                            

25 min - 50€


Manicure and nail polish application                    

25 min - 45€




Manicure : 60€


Pedicure : 70€


Nail polish application : 20€


Gel colour application : 60€


Gel colour removal : 20€

WAXING (only available in the morning)


Eyebrows or top lip : 15€


Bikini line : 25€


Brazilian Bikini : 35€


Full Bikini : 45€


Underarm : 25€


Half legs or Arms : 32€


Full Legs : 48€


Back or Chest : 40€

Opening hours

Everyday from 10 to 12am and 2 to 8pm.